Educational Model

Looking for a home for the “DaVinci Model for Creativity”, a hands on teaching studio focusing on creating responsible products for future generations.

“Art or rather, the artist, must be guided by the same laws that govern nature. These, force the mind of the painter to transform itself into nature’s own mind, and to become the interpreter between; nature and art.”

~Leonardo DaVinci

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work”

~Thomas Edison

Dennis Sparling

This is Dennis George Sparling; A sculptor and dreamer of this life on earth. I have realized over the last five years that it is time for me to teach and give back for all I have been blessed with in this strange and glorious life. I asked myself, what are our possibilities and responsibilities to our ancestors, our children, and the earth itself; that feeds us.

I see my responsibility after 45 years of intense struggles as an Artist; is to see and know the world as best I can; and pass on to those with fire in the belly, a way to survive life’s paradoxes and thrive with a great sense of humor and clarity of how to prosper as an artist and innovator; al-la Leonardo DaVinci’s mind and works.

I would like to embed the DaVinci Model for Creativity in a location accessible to local or regional Educational institutions.
The DaVinci Teaching Studio will have three core productions.

  1. The creation of sculptural theme park; a Mythological Story of our Human Journey for the last 12,000 years. Each theme will be made in the studio in a viewing room for the public to watch the creative process; then when finished, moved into the park.
  2. The Middle of the Studio is dedicated to functional Architectural works; Doors, Lighting, Entrance ways, Gates, Etc. for public and private consumption.
  3. The other end of the Studio will be dedicated to Innovation of Life Style products, tailored to address a future market place and economy.

The intent of the Teaching Studio is to create income as an edu.. The reason for this structure is to; function as a business model for the students future, fund the School itself; and deliver the students to the market place with no school debt.

What will be needed for the DaVinci Program.

  1. A warehouse type structure two stories high; approximately 60’x 100’
  2. Space around the structure for a small sculpture park of the Human Journey.
  3. Parking space for visitor / tourist to the Park and Studio.
  4. Equipment and supplies
  5. Salaries for a minimum of three employees to teach 20- 100 students for five years.

The Plan

The Creation of the Bottega and Mission should be documented for media distribution to attract students and teachers from around the world.

The Entrance; passing Leonardo, will be a seminar and viewing room whose walls tell of a Mythological Human Journey.

The bare building will be Architecturally adorned as a theatrical stage set over the course of 4 years as part of the course work.

The course design will be Horizontally integrated with the connected College, and its Common Core Courses. This design was created by my dear friend and mentor Dr. Harry Chaucer; “A Creative Approach To The Common Core Standards / THE DA VINCI CURRICULUM” available at Amazon or Kindle.
5. The first 3 products to be produced:
a. Two Mobile Living Units.
b. A Robotic wheel chair to extend the
independence of the user and cutting the cost of assistance by 60%.
c. The “Triptic”; a back pack size lap top integrated with the usual back pack, or solo, that folds out to three sections for personal theater presentations as the draw pad interacts with the other two screens for client interactions. While walking with the Triptic ; the window on the back links anyone’s I-phone or pad to the wear’s site.

“There is a natural aristocracy among men;
The grounds of this are virtue and talents….The natural aristocracy that I consider as the most precious; is the gift of nature; for the instruction, the trust, and government of society.”
Thomas Jefferson

Our techno-economy is now very complex and is more and more about cool stuff; rather than products for a healthy and responsible society, and I hope The DaVinci Model for Creativity, can be useful to the youth that are taking over the responsibilities and stewardship of our precious Planet.

Dennis G. Sparling
802 453 4114