Magical Encounters in New Mexico

Sunday April 24 + Star-Net Earth Time The Age of embarrassing Human Enlightenment I had a perfect birthday on the twentieth; The day was spent helping the Mechanic fix the rear breaks on the van while helping with a devastating cold. Carlos picked me up and we ate at Jambo […]



A Windy Journey to Black Mesa, NM

Now I am in Ojo Caliente for my Bi-annual Immersion into the OLD WORLD. I left Apalachicola and stopped in New Orleans ( Orleans will do for a winter studio ); tried to get TV interviews but it was Sunday and I couldn’t wait around because of my late start […]

Taking Stock and a New Plan of Approach

Still in Apalachicola for a few more days; then to New Orleans. This is the space I rented to re-order the Van and finish up some inventory for sale. I have decided that my first step will be to find the local television stations in the cities I visit, and […]


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Drawings for a John Gorrie Park Proposal in Florida

Below are some drawings for a park we are proposing in Apalachicola, Florida.  The park honors John Gorrie, physician, scientist, inventor, humanitarian, and inventor of the Ice-Making Machine.  Gorrie was a very active member of Apalachicola’s community. Now I head west in a few days while the politics take their time.

Open Letter Thoughts on Burning Man

Greetings from the open road, Members of the Burning Man community have expressed interest in having me bring my DaVinci sculpture to display at this year’s event, so I thought I’d share the same thoughts on the Burning Man phenomenon that I shared with them. Until this year when I […]


Pensive Leo close (1)

The Day of Departing!

Well, its finally D­day, the day of departing! Locking season is in the North, it locks and rests, from our annual use and abuse. The economy locks it’s exuberant spenders; who ponder in a white­out, whether the good old days will return; as thehigh temperature of the day only lasts […]

Gilgamesh’s Journey

He had seen everything, had experienced all emotions, from exaltation to despair, had been granted a vision into the great mystery; the secret places…..the primal days before the Flood. He had journeyed to the edge of the world and made his way back;exhausted but whole. See how the ramparts gleam […]

Pensive Leo close (1)

Pensive Leo close (1)

The Dream of a Sword

I fell into a Dream I was looking down at myself being buried in my old world village On my chest was my sword that was re­heated and folded into a figure 8 Then I was looking up from my grave to see the faces of my loved ones and […]

Raising The Sail Into A Nomadic Voyage

From the ages of  19 to 28 I wandered–observing, and wondering what this world was all about.  I pretty much raised my self and had few insights of who I was and what I was supposed to do in life.  Now I have been a doer for some forty  years […]

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Gearing up

The days is near when I hit the road.