Magical Encounters in New Mexico

Sunday April 24 + Star-Net Earth Time
The Age of embarrassing Human Enlightenment
I had a perfect birthday on the twentieth; The day was spent helping the Mechanic fix the rear breaks on the van while helping with a devastating cold. Carlos picked me up and we ate at Jambo African/ Santa Fe; one of the best restaurants in the World. Then we attended a high school senior jazz band performance with our friend Balthazar and Father Gerd / a nuclear physicist……they were great. Finally the van was done yesterday morning and I headed to the nearest Starbucks; three days of coffee abstinence and no Wi-Fi….a chilling experience.

I think I’m going to get a quick cappuccino, check the mail and head for Carlos’ to get cleaned up and reorder the Van / Rocinante. So the usual amazement of Leonardo pulling up gets people ogling the Van; as well as stopping me as soon as I get through the door with all the usual questions.

The first young lady, all aglow with amazement; asks me to sit down and we start into it–no coffee yet—there is a real interesting Robert Redford look-alike across the table listening with a great cheshire cat smile. After almost a half hour my mouth is so dry I can’t talk anymore and run to the counter for water. When I get back, the lady’s gone and Redford said she left cause she couldn’t stand the intensity of what she was seeing and hearing. So Redford and I get into it; and 45 minuets later I still don’t have coffee. Then, in walks this Druid priest about 6′ tall, built like a Scotsman Mercenary, and all in black with black kilt. I slather him with praise of his magnificence as he moves into line. I hand Redford ( I still don’t know his name yet ), my outline for “The DaVinci Model for Creativity” while I get in line behind Redshanks to finally get coffee. He and I get into it….He says he’s going to officiate a wedding; and I say it must be Seth’s wedding! His eyes brows go up and he asks did I know? I say; this guy Seth has been coming over to the repair shop while I;m under the Van helping with repairs for two days. And Seth is being ribbed about his wedding–which my friend Carlos is also going too. He comes over introduces himself to Redford, sits down and the aura and conversation is reaching new heights of AWE, and magnificent STORIES. It is now three hours since I walked in; and Redshanks ( already forgot his name ) excuses himself for wedding preparations and promises to get together again. I’m reminded I need to get to Carlos’ before he heads to the wedding; so Redford asked for the book to see what he can do to relocate me and Leonardo in Santa Fe.

I head / GPS to Carlos’ higher than the Dali Lama’s kite; get there and the Van is to big to park at the house and too big to turn around; so I proceed around the block looking for legal parking / find some close; but it takes me a half mile to find the intersection large enough to double back….pull into side road parking thinking it’s the corner next to Carlos (it’s actually one more block)….open my door and start gathering up my stuff…look up and see this white-hair, a little older than me….he’s got one of those delightful shuffle walk with eyes just taken in the Cosmos….pokes his head in the door, and we get into it! I think he said he is a methodist priest / playwright / poet / street performer; anyway I’ll cal him Ishmael / lord of Ironic religiosonomy. I could barley keep up with his profound mythological under standing of our religious back ground—I’ve been waiting for him to help with my Sculptural Story telling….I pronounced him my Mentor; and he delightfully brushed off with; if you meet Buddah on the road / kill him; I’ll call him Ishmael! So now it’s a half an hour of chuckling and jousting; and he has to move on; but before he does he wants to walk me three doors down to meet his friend, Michael Gelb author of “How to Think like Leonardo Da Vinci” and his wife is Deborah Domanski the Opera singer. Michael wasn’t there, but Deborah welcomed us in for a delightful half hour.

Deborah Domanski Opera

It took two glasses of champagne just to get to sleep last night.
Ishmael will be coming by today as I work on the Van for departure to LA, probably tomorrow.