A Windy Journey to Black Mesa, NM

Now I am in Ojo Caliente for my Bi-annual Immersion into the OLD WORLD.
I left Apalachicola and stopped in New Orleans ( Orleans will do for a winter studio ); tried to get TV interviews but it was Sunday and I couldn’t wait around because of my late start for NM. I got a TV interview in Dallas / ABC channel 8–it was a really good one—I’ll be checking to see when they air it.
Off North to Oklahoma City —passed the plant where they make blades for the giant wind mills further up the road, a new wind farm. It was a good feeling to see it. Oklahoma City didn’t feel right and I had a very mediocre expensive meal, so I decided to push on as it was just getting dark. Going down the ramp to Rt. 40 West I was almost blown off the road….this continued for 200 miles up a gradual grade (from approximately 800 feet above sea level, to 6,000 feet above sea level. It took me 5 hours ( never getting over 50mph and never able to get overdrive / good thing I filled up at $1.55 a gallon) to figure out why I was driving in Hell. No wonder those windmills are there; there are now thousands of them! Pulling out of Tucumcari (still going up…500miles now), I couldn’t get up to 50; then an hour later approaching Santa Rosa, I was going along the side the road at 10 miles per hour hopping to make it to the off ramp. I made it, turned left up a hill to a truck stop…NO TRANSMISSION…. I coast backwards to go down the hill to a repair shop–but I can’t quite make it and stuck in the middle of the road. So I walk to repair shop and Joey meets me with his truck and offers to pull the Van a block to the shop. Three hours later the brilliant mechanic and $400; had me on the road— transmission lines are repaired, and the transmission wasn’t damaged.
So uphill for another two hours, through some of the most beautiful country in the world and 6500 feet above sea level I see my old friend Santa Fe, grab some provisions and head North to Ojo Caliente till the 17th; before moving West again.
I’m staying at the Black Mesa B&B and it has WI-FI!