Open Letter Thoughts on Burning Man

IMG_0375Greetings from the open road,

Members of the Burning Man community have expressed interest in having me bring my DaVinci sculpture to display at this year’s event, so I thought I’d share the same thoughts on the Burning Man phenomenon that I shared with them.

Until this year when I decided to go Nomadic,  I thought Burning Man was for the younger folks who just wanted to exercise their egos and rehydrate the whist full dreams of the 60’s  ( which were precious years for me );  but NOW, watching the world change in a very upsetting way,  at a speed I never expected in my lifetime;  the accumulated visions and observations have woken me to the job that the indigenous village elders had to guide the village and take care of the children while the parents worked the long hours with the earth to feed themselves and Spirit world.  

NOW after googling you and,  I think, signing up with you;  I realize Burning Man is the second coming of the awareness we wonderful, crazy hippies were wandering into, in the unknown social territory of age old questions;  WHO ARE WE?  WHAT HAVE WE BECOME?  WHAT IS HAPPENING TO OUR INDIGENOUS DNA? and….WHAT THE HELL CAN WE DO TO BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL AGREEMENT WITH MOTHER EARTH….that we in our very imperfect NATURE;  can give another go at this beautiful HUMAN TIME CONTINUUM? 

Right now I am in Apalachicola, Fla. / people flock to the back of my Van to see Leonardo and ask questions,  and wish me God’s speed on my missions.  I will be here for approximately another week to meet up with some people who want me to settle in for the winters ( there is also a possible statue commission ).  Even if I get the commission and Gallery;  I will finish my journey; then return here to leave my van and Leonardo ( if he hasn’t sold ) and spend the summers back home in Vermont.

New Orleans ( know anybody there? my Step Van is 35′ and not easy to find a safe parking place /$150,000 of inventory to sell on board.)
Texas:  most of the major cities.
Northern New Mexico
Southern California to Northern Cal. ( Especially Silicone Valley )
I would love to meet you and Burning Man where ever you are.
Seattle ( where I was born and raised to 26;  then Vermont)
Then back to the Sun or to where I find a new Home for Me and Leo and get down  to some serious story telling.

I have studied the Indigenous World with Martin Prechtel / Bolad’s Kitchen 18 years and help run our Initiations for 15 years.
The musician sweeps the strings….my Mother weeps
I lie down inside her sadness….hoping God will let me rest
But…that release does not come
My insomnia, and her sense of being apart from grace
Pile their pain on my disheveled heap

I hope to meet you and you may share this Love Letter.
Dennis George Sparling A Scythian Hunter