The Day of Departing!

Well, its finally D­day, the day of departing!
Locking season is in the North, it locks and rests, from our annual use and abuse. The economy locks it’s exuberant spenders; who ponder in a white­out, whether the good old days will return; as thehigh temperature of the day only lasts for an hour.

Our history of Westward moving peoples; for thousands of years was primarily fleeing from our fellow neighbors, or migrating to find food; if you don’t believe me, read Herodotus.

When and Where was that Village you were born in; lived in / worked in / and died in the same place? You and your tribe, passed on Creation Stories; tales and Mysteries of the world; as well as the responsibilities of your children to keep Human Time healthy.

The Scythians took 3,000 years to reach the Black Sea in numbers; and then spun off to Europe and the North. Rumi’s family had to flee the Persians….Mani was flayed and staked to a wall by Zorriastor; do you think our trouble’s are original?

Now I choose to wander, and prey to an Egyptian Sun­god, and Smithy my wares and dreams out in a palm­treed sunrise.

I will be looking for you ­all on the journey.

Dennis G. Sparling
A Muggled Scythian

Thanks to David Brizendine / for my web site, and Camille Clark for her help and wild enthusiasm.