Gilgamesh’s Journey

He had seen everything, had experienced all emotions, from
exaltation to despair, had been granted a vision into the great
mystery; the secret places…..the primal days before the Flood.
He had journeyed to the edge of the world and made his way
back;exhausted but whole.
See how the ramparts gleam like copper in the Sun.
Climb the stone staircase, more ancient than the mind can imagine.
Approach the Eanna Temple; sacred to Ishtar…..a temple that no
king has equaled in size or beauty.
Walk on the wall of Uruk, follow its course around the city,
inspect its mighty foundations, examine its brickwork….how
masterfully it is built…….find the corner stone and under it the
copper box….unlock it… the lid…..take out the tablet of
lapis lazuli….Read how Gilgamesh suffered all and accomplished all.

–The Tale of Gilgamesh in Cuneiform

“Human prosperity never abides long in the same place.”
and “ the instability of Human Fortune.”